How to Delete PDF Pages in Adobe Acrobat Pro

“I have a set of PDF documents that each has a few extra pages. I’d like to remove the first two and last pages from each of them. Can anyone recommend me a way to do this? Any help will be appreciated.”

If you want to remove pages from PDF, you can count on Adobe Acrobat Pro. This professional PDF tool not only lets you to create PF, annotate PDF, edit PDF, crop PDF, but also allows you to remove PDF pages. Its “Delete Pages” command will help you quickly delete page from PDF document. Follow the steps below to remove pages from your Acrobat PDF files.

Step 1: Start Adobe Acrobat Pro. Click “File” then “Open” to open the PDF file you would like to remove pages from.

Step 2: Click “Document” on the top menu. Select the “Delete Pages” option. The Delete Pages dialog box will pop up.

Delete PDF Pages in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 3: Enter the range of pages your want to delete in the “Delete Pages” dialog box. Press “OK”, Adobe Acrobat Pro will delete the page you selected from PDF.

Delete PDF Pages in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Step 4: Finally, click “File” then “Save As” to save the changes in your PDF document.

As an advanced PDF software, Adobe Acrobat Pro gives you the flexibility to make changes to your PDF documents. But what if the file is locked that restricts you from editing PDF, cropping PDF or removing PDF pages, and you don’t know the password? Never mind. AST PDF Password Remover makes it simple to unlock PDF, which helps you gain full access to the document.