How to Print A Secured PDF File

Question: How Do I Print Text from a Secured PDF Document?
I need to print a PDF document but it is secured that I can’t copy anything out of it or print either. It keeps asking for a password. Any suggestions?

-- Asked by Maggie on Yahoo! Answers

This is a common question. PDF files are often secured to protect their content from copying, editing and printing. At some point, you need to print secured PDF out to read later on without staring at a computer screen, but you don’t have the proper password. What should you do? Here we would like to share an easy method on how to print a secured PDF document without knowing the password.

Solution: Use PDF Password Remover to Crack Password for Printing

Crack the PDF password protection then printing a secured PDF file is possible. AST PDF Password Remover is the best choice to lift PDF security, which works quickly in removing both PDF user password and PDF owner password. Just within three simple steps, you can decrypt PDF and print restricted PDF as you want.

Note: AST PDF Password Remover is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Here we show how it works on Windows. If you are using a Mac , please turn to PDF Password Remover for Mac to print secured PDF on Mac.

Step 1: Launch PDF Password Remover
Free download PDF Password Remover and install it. Launch the program on your desktop.

Print A Secured PDF File

Step 2: Import Secured PDF Documents
Click “Add Files” to import secured PDF files. Noted that if your PDF files are protected by user password, you need to enter the correct password to do the crack.

Print A Secured PDF File

Step 3: Decrypt PDF Password
Finally, click “Start”, and you will have your PDF files decrypted in seconds. Now you can print secured PDF without limitations.

Print A Secured PDF File

Tips & Suggestions:
Another way is to recover the password of secured PDF files and then print the documents. PDF Password Recovery works efficiently to recover PDF password of any length and complexity. You can free download one to try it.