How to Break PDF User/Owner Password

Question: How can I break my PDF user/owner password?
Hi I have a PDF file with password protected and I feel boring to enter the password again and again when I need to open and edit that PDF. How do I break user and owner password on the PDF file? Is there any idea or software for this? -- Asked by Sangiovese

Solution: Try PDF Password Breaker

To break PDF password protection, PDF Password Breaker can help you out. This AST PDF Password Remover software is a small but powerful tool to break PDF owner password that protect the files from copying, editing, and printing. Also it can break PDF user password which prevents the documents from opening if you know the password.

Friendly and intuitive UI makes PDF Password Breaker very easy to use. The simple steps to break PDF user/owner password is as follows:

Step 1: Free download PDF Password Breaker and install it. Then launch the program on your desktop. You will see its main interface as below.

Break PDF User/Owner Password

Step 2: Click “Add Files”. Select flies from local computer that you need to break PDF user/owner password and add them to the software. For PDF protected by user password, enter the proper password first.

Break PDF User/Owner Password

Step 3: Select “Customize” and click “...” to choose the output folder to save the unlocked PDF files.

Break PDF User/Owner Password

Step 4. Click “Start”. The software will start the decryption and quickly help you break PDF user/owner password.

Break PDF User/Owner Password

After breaking, you now can freely open, copy, edit, or print your protected PDF files without typing the proper password.

Tips & Suggestions:

Tip 1: AST PDF Password Remover and AST PDF Password Remover for Mac are two versions of PDF Password Breaker to meet different users’ needs. They work almost the same except tiny difference on UI. Here this guide is written based on Windows version. If you are using a Mac, turn to Mac version to break PDF owner password on Mac.

Tip 2: Lost or forget PDF user password and need to open the document. PDF Password Recovery will be a good choice. This powerful PDF tool helps you instant recover lost or forgotten PDF password that restricts you to open and view the document. Free download one to have a try.